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Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Beaniard Hispanics Refers to the Spanish origin "Spaniard" mixed "Bean", with a commom food in many Mexican dishes.
Black Bean Mixed Races Mexican/Black. Self Explanitory
Blaxican Mixed Races Black/Mexican mix. Pioneered by the Black/Mexican hip-hop group "Delinquent Habits".
BMW Mexicans "Big Mexican Woman (or Women)" - applied to heavy or obese Hispanic women.
Border Bandit Mexicans A Mexican who has crossed the border illegally. Also a "BB"
Bracero Mexicans Spanish term for a Mexican migrant worker
Chalupa Mexicans The popular Mexican food dish
Cheech Mexicans Famous Mexican Cheech Marin
Chex Mex Mixed Races Czech / Mexican
Chex Mix Mixed Races Chinese/Mexican
Chexican Mixed Races Mexican/Chinese mix
Chic Mixed Races Chinese/Mexican
Chinxican Mixed Races Chinese/Mexican mix.
Cholo Mexicans A term used to refer to Mexican gangsters.
Chunt Mexicans Comes from 'chuntaro' meaning bad-dressed Mexican
DampBack Mexicans Part Mexican, not quite wet.
Dexican Mixed Races Dutch/Mexican mix.
Fake Mexican Hispanics Used to describe those who have lost the language, culture, etc. of Mexico.
Fesskin Mexicans Fuckin' messkin (mexican)
Flipsican Mixed Races Mexican Filipino
Gabacho Whites Connotes "imperialist"; used by Mexicans and Mexican-Americans; apparently originated in Spain to refer to French.
Gavacho Whites Mexican term for white Americans. Used more commonly than the outdated "Gringo"
Green Bean Mixed Races Irish/Mexican mix
Jewxican Mixed Races Jewish/Mexican mix.
Latte Mixed Races White and usually Mexican due to color of skin being similar to the coffee drink.
Lawnmower Mexicans A large portion of the landscapers are Mexican/Hispanic.
Mehi Mexican X's (like J's) are pronounced in Spanish like an English H. Thus this slur is a mockery of their pronounciation.
Mexcrement Mexicans Obvious combination of "Mexican" and "excrement"
Mexi-Ho's Mexicans Term to describe Mexican girls who get pregnant at an early age.
Mexican't Mexicans Based on the stereotype that Mexicans are lazy.
Mexicoon Mixed Races Mexican/Black mix.
Mexijew Mixed Races Mexican/Jewish mix.
Meximese Mixed Races Mexican/Vietnamese
Miyate Blacks Mexican/Latino slang for "minority".
Mo Mexicans Acronym for Mexican Orderly: Used in jails to refer to mexican trustees.
Mojo Hispanics Normally used among Hispanics towards other Hispanics. "Mojo" derives from "mojado" meaning "wet" i.e. wet-backs. Mojados are Mexican citizens while pochos are Mexican-Americans.
Nethead Hispanics Chicano slur used in L.A. From Mexican boys wearing thin nets to cover their hair.
North Mexican Canadians Because Canada is on the north side of the U.S. Border
Olympican Mexicans From the joke "Why are there no Mexicans in the olympics? Because every Mexican who can run, jump, or swim is in this country!"
Polexican Mixed Races Polish/Mexican mix.
Potato Mexicans A Mexican-American that has lost their heritage. Brown on the outside; White on the inside.
SAM Mexican Sorry-Ass Mexican
Scrap Mexicans Slur used by Mexican gang members to degrade other members.
Sexican Hispanics Refers to how fast the Mexican-American population is increasing.
Ship-wrecked Mexican Puerto Ricans The island of Puerto Rico
Soggy Cracker Mixed Races White/Mexican. Wetback and Cracker.
Spicaninny Mexicans Young Mexican girls. Combination form of Spic and Picaninny.
Spickaboo Mixed Races Mexican/Black mix. Derived from 'Spic' and 'Jigaboo.'
Spicy Cracker Mixed Races White/Mexican mix
Swap Mixed Races Italian/Mexican. Spic + Wop
Tex-mex Mexicans A person of hispanic lineage, hopefully Mexican, that is from Texas.
Tonk Mexicans Illegal Mexican immigrants. "Tonk" is the sound that is made when the illegals are hit over the head with the large flashlights/batons that the US border patrolmen carry.
Trisket Mixed Races Mexican/White; A brown cracker.
Wetback Mexicans Comes from "Operation Wetback", a military operation devised in 1954 to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens entering the United States, primarily from Mexico. The operation was soon abandoned in part because of outcry of Mexican-Americans who were angered by the racial profiling. More info
WetBlack Mixed Races Mexican/Black mix
Wexican Mixed Races White/Mexican mix.