Slur Represents Reason & Origins
ABC Chinese American-Born Chinese. An Americanized Chinese person who does not understand Chinese culture.
Ancient Chinese Secret Chinese From a 1970s TV commercial for Calgon stereotyping all laundry services are run by Chinese immigrants (link)
Baby-Muncher Chinese The Chinese ate their babies because of their poverty stricken homes and to keep down the population.
Bamboo Coon Chinese Bamboo grows in China.
BBC Chinese British Born Chinese. A British Chinese person who may or may not understand Chinese culture. BBC is also a major television network in Great Britain.
CBC Chinese Canadian Born Chinese. A Canadian Chinese person who does not understand Chinese culture. CBC is also a major television network in Canada.
Celestial Chinese Mainly used in the past by whites to describe the Chinese whom they saw as strange and from some where far away. The Chinese used to refer to their nation as the "Celestial Empire"
Chale Chinese Informal/derogatory term used by Hispanics, primarily in Mexico, to refer to Chinese people. As in "Cafe de Chales" = Chinese-run or owned cafe.
Chang-Ke Chinese Derogatory Korean word for the Chinese
Chankoro Chinese Derogatory Japanese word for "chink"
Chapta Chinese Chapta means flat in Hindi.
Chiegro Chinese Refers to Chinese people that try to act like Black people or are half Black.
Chigger Chinese See Chiegro. Can also be a Chinese/Black mix, or a Chinese person who acts black.
Chinee Chinese An archaic singular for the plural Chinese, now considered offensive. Also said to be an emphasis of many Asian's inability to pronounce English.
Chink-a-billy Chinese Half Chinese, half hillbilly.
Chinksta Chinese Chinese people who try to act black; like Wanksta for white people.
Chino Chinese Spanish for Chinese.
Chonky Chinese Concatenation of Chinese or Chink and Honky. See: Chink, Honky.
Choo-Choo Chinese Chinese immigrants help build the Pacific railroad.
Chop Stick Chinese Refers to the utensils commonly used to eat Chinese food
Chork Chinese chinese dork
Chunk Chinese A variant of "chink." Used in the place of chink when speaking to a fat chinese person, or a "chunk."
Cookie Chinese Refers to fortune cookies. 'Cookie person/people.'
Crabrangook Chinese Crabrangoon. Take away the goon and add gook.
Dancing Dragon Chinese During Chinese festivals, its typical to see many people in a long dragon costume in which they bounce up and down...usually in larger celebrations
Dim Sum Chinese Refers to the food. Used in the movie "Romeo Must Die."
El Chino Chinese It was used by Equadors in addressing Alberto Fujimori during war as a result of Berlin Congress in 19c where borders left apart. The war was almost on Cocain- main source for living in Latin America. Fujimori is Japanese decent, immigrated to Peru at 5.
Forty-Fiver Chinese Represents the angle of their eyes (45 degrees)
General Tso Chinese As in General Tso's chicken.
Gong Fei Chinese In Chinese, means "communist bastard"
Honger Chinese Teenage Asian kids, that are fresh from Hong Kong. Usually found squatting in large groups and drive Honda's with spoilers.
Hop-Sing Chinese Refers to the name of the Chinese cook on the television show "Bonanza"
Jek Chinese Used by Thai people to describe Chinese immigrants.
Jjanggae Chinese Term used by Koreans to describe Chinese
Johk Sing Chinese Cantonese term used to refer to American-born Chinese
Kitchen Sink Chinese Cockney rhyming slang, chink = kitchen sink
Kung-fu Chinese Chinese delivery person, mainly 'Is that Kung-Fu with my Lo Mein?'
Lizard Chinese Rumor that the Chinese evolved from lizards.
Mao Chinese From Mao Tse-tung, original leader of communist China.
Moe Chinese Since Chinese always have haircuts that look like Moe from The 3 Stooges
Mook Chinese A 'mook jonk' is a wooden dummy used in kung fu. Word defined as "an ineffectual, foolish, or contemptible person."
MSG Farmers Chinese The Chinese use a harmful additive, M.S.G., in their food to enhance the flavor.
Mulan Chinese Female charater in a chinese story
Mungen Chinese A Tamil word used by the Indians to insult the Chinese
Nink Chinese Chinese person acting Black
Noodle Nigger Chinese Self Explanatory
Nooger Chinese Noodle-nigger.
Panda Trainer Chinese Pandas are from China.
Panface Chinese Faces flat like they were hit with a pan.
Pen and Ink Chinese Cockney rhyming slang, chink = pen and ink
Ping Pong Chinese Because Ping Pong is the favorite sport of the chinese
Rail-Hopper Chinese In early America many Chinese were sent to build the railroads.
Railer Chinese They built the railroads all across the US.
Red Chinese When they became communist
Red Monkey Chinese China is a communist nation.
Roof Rabbit Killer Chinese Roof rabbit = cat. Chinese eat cat, therefore roof rabbit killer.
SARS Chinese Self Explanatory