new zealanders

Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Kiwi New Zealanders The native bird of NZ and a popular fruit. Not necessarily a slur.
Pakeha New Zealanders White New Zealanders. Not generally seen as derogatory. The word derives from 'pakepakeha'...mythical fair-skinned human-like creatures and now means any New Zealander with predominantly European ancestry. Was referenced in the news recently when some white Kiwis tried to get it changed on their census forms because it was racist - "Pakeha" translates to "White pig", a reference both to what the Maoris thought of the first English settlers, and the way the same settlers tasted when eaten - salty, like the wild pigs they also ate.
Sheepie New Zealanders Well know for their habits with sheep
Woolie Jumpers New Zealanders Implies that New Zealanders enjoy 'jumping' sheep.