Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Blood Sucker Romanians Dracula was a Romanian
Bds Olh Romanians The slur means "stinky Romanian" and it originates in Transylvania where Romanians and Hungarians live together. Hungarians used to call Romanians this way, because most Romanians were primitive peasents lacking basic hygiene.
Drac Romanians Short for "Dracula" who is from a town in Transylvania which makes up a good deal of modern Romania.
Gypsy Romanians Some Romanians are gypsies. The ones that aren't would most likely take offense.
Rom Romanians Same meaning and origin as "Roma"
Roma Romanians A large segment of Romanians are either Gypsies or of Gypsy origin. Non-gypsy Romanians find this very offensive.
Taran Romanians Equivalent to calling someone a redneck.
Verbes Romanians Transylvanian Saxon slur for Romanians