Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Commie Russians Originated during the cold war. Short for communist.
Cossak Russians A slur for Russians in general
Drago Russians Character from Rocky 4, the big dumb Neanderthal
Inverse Raddish Russians White on the outside, but bright crimson Commie Red on the inside. (raddishes are white inside and red outside)
Ivan Russians German WW2 slang, like Tommy for English
Katsap Russians Etymology of the word comes from a tradition of Russian males, before Peter the Great, to uniformally wear a goatee. So it is a bastardaized pronounciation of "kak tzap", like a goat, in Ukranian.
Lov Russians Many names end in "lov"
Moskal Russians Used by Ukrainians, because of the arrogance of the Moscow citizens
Mudak Russians Similar to dumb ass, but very explicit.
Natasha Russians From the common Slavic woman's name, used in Turkey and other countries to refer to East European prostitutes, and by extension to any East European woman, with the suggestion that they are all whores.
Pinko Russians Originally referred to Communist sympathizers - later as a general slur against all Leftists, including Communist Party members. Now pretty much synonymous with Russians/Communists.
Popov Russians A cheap brand of vodka.
Rad Russians US army personnel use this as a short version of "comrade" in reference to communism
Rasputin Russians Rasputin was a historical figure in Russia.
Red Russians Refers to the color of the Communist revolution, as well as old Red Russia. Too, "Red Army." See J. Edgar Hoover's use.
Rigger Russians A Russian who thinks he is a gangster from the streets.
Rook Russians Commonly used as a reference to the Russians' stereotypical chess prowess.
Rosuke Russians Used by Japanese. Ro (Roshia) means Russia in Japanese. Suke is the suffix attached Japanese common name.
Ruble Head Russians Originated because of the national currency and it's origin.
Ruskie Russians The Russian word for the Russian language is pronounced "pa-rooski." Was popular during the Cold War.
Sputnik Russians The world's first artificial satellite sent into space. Not really a heinous threat, but sounds that way.
Tetris Russians Popular video game which originated in Russia
Tibla Russians Ti blya. The slur roughly translates to: "you, damn it" or "you, fucking..."
Vanilla Asian Russians They are white Asians
Vodka Nigger Russians They like to drink Vodka
Vodkalky Russians Vodka + alcoholics. Plural: Vodkalkies.