Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Chukcha Eskimos Russian for Eskimo. In Russian jokes they do ask a lot of stupid questions, make silly remarks, and draw wrong conclusions.
Cube Eskimos Referring to their igloos made of cubes
Harpoon-Chucker Eskimos Eskimos chuck spears to hunt fish. Play on spear-chucker
Huskie Eskimos Refers to a type of dog found in Northern parts. 'Husky' also means large or overweight.
Klondyke Eskimos Female eskimos
Mo Eskimos Shortened version of "Eskimo"
Muck Eskimos Short for Eskimuck, due to the problems the Eskimo have pronouncing the English language.
Muk/Muktuk Eskimos Comes from the main Eskimo food source - Muktuk - whale fat/meat.
Muktuk Eskimos Muktuk is eskimo for whale blubber
Pie Face Eskimos Round shape of their faces. Most like originates from (or at least made popular by) the comic book The Green Lantern, who had a mechanic Tom "Pieface" Kalmaku. Tom was an Alaskan Innuit (Eskimo) who was called Pieface because his features made his "eyes look like an eskimo pie."
Skimo Eskimos Derogatory slang of 'Eskimo'.
Snow Chink Eskimos They look fairly Asian and live in the snow
Snow Nigger Eskimos Self-explanatory.
Snowblower Eskimos An out-of-shape eskimo that breathes heavily after walking a few feet in the snow.