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Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Ainu Japanese Aboriginals Originally, a word for the native Japanese islanders from Hokkaido, but now means roughly a "primitive" person. Usually look more European than their Japanese counterparts, i.e., more hairy and fair skinned. Not really derogatory.
Ame-koh Americans Term for Americans used by Japanese.
Baijo Whites Japanese term meaing strangers, used in a hostile way.
Bananame Asians "Banana" and "anime." Refers to Asians, esp. Filipinos, who are fixated on Japanese pop culture(anime, music, etc.), only date Japanese, try to be Japanese.
Bomb Watcher Japanese Refers to atom bombs the US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII.
Buddhahead Hawaiians Hawaiian-born Japanese Americans. Originally from "buta-head" meaning pig-headed since Hawaiians were stubborn compared to their mainland counterparts. See: "kotonk"
Bukakke Warrior Japanese Refers to perverse Japanese sex fetish that involves a woman being the reciepent of several males ejaculation on her face.
Bukkakese Asians Reference to the popular Bukkake fetish. (Bukkake + Japanese)
Butterhead Japanese Used by U.S. Marines in the Pacific Theater of WWII, and some survivors of it to this day. Refers to yellow skin tone of Japanese soldiers. Expression appears in some U.S. movies made during the war.
Chankoro Chinese Derogatory Japanese word for "chink"
Chap Asians Chinese/Japanese mix
Cheese Nip Mixed Races White/Japanese. Mix of Cracker and Nip
Chosenjin Koreans Japanese word calling Koreans inferior to them.
Cracker Jap Japanese A person of mixed Japanese/Caucasian descent
Daikon Japanese The Dakion Radish is very popular is Japanese cooking.
Doujin Blacks Japanese slur for blacks. Dou means dirt, jin means person.
El Chino Chinese It was used by Equadors in addressing Alberto Fujimori during war as a result of Berlin Congress in 19c where borders left apart. The war was almost on Cocain- main source for living in Latin America. Fujimori is Japanese decent, immigrated to Peru at 5.
Fuji Japanese Japanese tourists tend to wear cameras and take pictures 24/7. Mount Fuji is a mountain in Japan, and a brand of film.
Gai-jin Whites Japanese equivalent to "Goyim," refers to anyone not Japanese, but especially Westerners. Actually is a shortened version of "Gai-koku-jin" (literally "outside-country-person," the NICE way to say "foreigner.") "Gai-Ko," depending on how it's written in Japanese, can mean "diplomacy" (outside-mingle,) "extroversion" (outside-facing,) "outer harbor" or a Japanese name in which "ko" means "happiness"
Gai-ko Whites Pronounced "guy-ko". Derogatory way of saying gaijin which is 'foreigner' (literally outside person) in Japanese.
Godzilla Snack Japanese From the Godzilla movies
Harbor-Bomber Japanese The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, which caused the US to enter World War II.
Hear-em-screama Japanese Hiroshima atomic bombing tragedy
Hentai Japanese Translates to something like "pervert" and is used primarily to refer to anime porn.
Huk Filipinos HUKbong Bayang Laban sa Hapon (Citizens' Forces Against the Japanese). Guerilla group that fought against the Japanese in World War II. Continued armed resistance while Americans were waiting for MacArthur to return.
Jagger Mixed Races Japanese / Nigger
Jank Japanese Japanese living in America, Jap + yankee = Jank
Jap Japanese Short for Japanese.
Japansy Japanese WWII (sneak attack)
Jig Japanese Japanese Nig(ger). Japanese people who act black.
Kamikaze Japanese Some Japanese pilots(called Kamikaze) were trained to make a suicidal crash attack durin World War II.
Knees Asians Japanese, chinese, vietnamese, ect. Reference to the suffix "nese."
Koku-jin Blacks Japanese term for Blacks or anyone of African descent.
Kotonk Japanese Mainland-Born Japanese-Americans when a Buddhahead would beat a mainland kids head, the hollow sound coming from the head was "kotonk, kotonk." See: Buddhahead.
Kurochan Blacks Japanese derogatory term-"kuro"=black color; "chan"=suffix used for children or someone younger
Little Hiroshima Asians The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima during WW2. The association with the city and asian people in general has stuck. Refers mainly to Japanese.
Nagasaki Japanese Self explanatory
Nip Japanese Shortened version of Nipponese(the former name for the Japanese.
Nip/Nipper Japanese Short for Nippon meaning "Japan".
Niponese Japanese Used instead of 'Japanese.'
Nipper Japanese They live in Japan, also known as Nippon.
Nippopotomus Japanese A Japanese person of robust proportions.
Niptai Mixed Races Japanese/Thailandese
Otaku Whites A white person that tries to be Japanese in every way
Pikachu Japanese A popular Japanese cartoon character.
Pocky Japanese Pocky is a popular Japanese treat.
Pokemon Japanese They created that damn game
Rice Cracker Whites Whites who try to act Japanese. Defined as those who are obsessed with Japanese culture, including but not limited to: frequently watching/reading and having an expansive knowledge of anime and manga, frequently listening to j-pop, wanting to learn Japanese, playing copious amounts of bemani and RPGS (or just imported Japanese games), collecting Japanese merchandise, driving a rice burner, and wishing to visit frequently or even live in Japan.
Rosuke Russians Used by Japanese. Ro (Roshia) means Russia in Japanese. Suke is the suffix attached Japanese common name.
Scap Mixed Races Scottish/Japanese mix.
Seagull Filipinos Possibly from how Filipinos often travel overseas to work like migratory birds (although the seagull is not migratory...). Heard in Japan, used by non-Japanese.
Tojo Japanese General Hideki Tojo, Japanese Prime Minister during WW2. Ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Viceroy Japanese From Star Wars Episode One, trade federation people have similiar characteristics of Japanese buisness men.
Wapanese Whites Used to describe a white person who is obssesed with japanese culture. This would include manga/hentai/and anime.
Yellow Cab Japanese Japanese women who only date non-Japanese. Also used to indicate Japanese women who are supposed to be easy. I.E. anyone can ride her.
Yellow Devil Asians Common name used by American servicemen to describe the Japanese. Play on "White Devil"
Yoko Japanese Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles.
Yup-Boon-Jie Japanese While all races in Chinese are refered to as a type of ghost/shadow (sub-human), the word for Japanese is unique in that it means child.
Zipperhead Asians Coined by US soldiers during Korean War. Also used in the film Full Metal Jacket. MULTIPLE reasons have been submitted:

1) If Asians were shot in the head with high-powered weapons, their heads would split as if you unzipped them

2) Vietnam War slang for "Zero Intelligence Potential" (IE: just kill them, no reason to interrorgate them)

3) Many times the Asians would be run over by military Jeeps, which left tire tracks on them that resembled zippers.

4) Asians tend to part their hair down the middle, leaving a zipper-like strip.

5) I'm not sure if the military used body bags to transfer dead enemy soldiers, but theres a possibly reference to the zipper on said bag.

6) WWII Japanese pilots wore leather helmets with zippers down the middle